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The Pick of the Litter


Noticing that Jerry has been a bit lonely and down in the dumps, Kramer convinces him to adopt a puppy, claiming he knows “just the one”. The next day, he shows up with the most lovable little dog Jerry has ever seen. The two bond instantly, and from that day on, Jerry is never seen without his canine companion.

Elaine spots shadowy figures prowling on her fire escape several nights in a row and becomes concerned about security. Kramer overhears her expressing her worries to Jerry and tells her he has just the dog for her. Two days later, he presents her with a young but well-trained German Shepherd. Later that night, when a man forces her bedroom window and tries to creep in, the dog charges at him and scares him away. The prowlers never return.

George watches women fawning over a man in the park with a cute dog. He grumbles about it to Jerry. “This guy could be a total loser and they’d still be all over him!” “Sounds perfect for you, then,” replies Jerry, to George’s chagrin. Jerry looks at his own dog. “I think I know who can help you.” The two head across the hall to Kramer’s apartment and knock on the door, but there’s no answer. After a moment, they hear a terrible, pained groan from somewhere deep within, and break down the door. Inside, they find Kramer giving birth to a litter of seven puppies.

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